Everyone has his own madness in life. For Team M.A.D, our madness is Makeup and apparel Design, in short, M.A.D.  We aim to establish the very first platform in NUS for whoever interested in fashion to gather and create wonders. We believe makeup and apparel design is not only a way to beautify ourselves, but most importantly, to express ourselves. We don’t follow fashion trends blindly and neither do we try to define fashion. M.A.D’s vision is to offer NUS students a venue to learn makeup and apparel design, encourage individual expression through makeup and apparel design and promote the attitude of “Free from Judgment and definition”. 

We believe that everyone is creative and intrinsically beautiful. If you want to unleash your creativity, if you want to demonstrate your definition of beauty, if you are interested to learn more or teach others about makeup and apparel design, do join us. Our M.A.D journey needs YOU.
Think Wild. Be M.A.D.


M.A.D team