Transformers on campus

This week at MAD, our students learnt how to contour and highlight like a pro. Contouring has always been a big part of celebrities’ and model’s face makeup routine, especially on shoots where they have to show off their define cheekbones and jawlines. This however, doesn’t mean it can’t be used on a day to day basis, just to make your face look that little bit sharper and more defined. If you’re not one to wear heavy makeup on a daily basis, then it’s still great to know for events and parties!


  1. The trick to a real good contour, is to shade the parts you want to create a shadow at. Doing so will create a deep set effect, as though those parts of the skin is slightly more sunken in. These parts of the face generally include the jawline, below the cheekbones, at the sides of the collar bone, around the nose bridge, temples and around the forehead. When choosing a contour, ensure you get a shade for your skin tone. Get one that’s a few shade darker than your skin tone and not too reddish. You should generally be looking for something of a chocolate shade if you’re Asian Chinese.Highlight

  2. Once you’re done contouring, it’s time to highlight! The point of highlighting is to emphasise the part of the face you wish to stand out most. The contrast of the highlight and the contour will make your features stand out. The areas to highlight include the forehead, nose bridge, cupid bow’s, chin, below the brow bone and of course your cheekbones. When choosing a highlighter make sure you choose one suitable for your skin tone and preferable one with a pearlescent effect instead of glitter or shimmer. Too much glimmer make cause you to look shiny and oily in photos which is not the effect we are going for.



Purchasingcontour kits can be tough. There are so many different types, from powder to creams and sticks. My personal favourite is powder and I apply it using an angled brush, which allows me to get into the cheekbones well. I use the sleek contour kit as seen in the picture above, and absolutely love it for the quality as well as price. Of all the good contour kits featured above, it’s definitely the best for beginners as it doesn’t burn a hole in you wallet!



When it comes to application, there are many different brushes you can use. For cream and stick contours, a beauty blender would be good in blending out the colours well. For powder contour kits, you can experiment and try different type of brushes depending on how precise and strong a contour you enjoy. For an overall bronzed look, you could go for an angled brush or a kabuki brush. For a more defined contour, try using a brush with a tapered end, to get more exact lines and shading.

Hope these tips have been useful for you and you’ll be back for more weekly  updates! Till next time!


M.A.D team

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