Window to your soul

Always wanted to achieve that sexy smokey eye for a date night out but never knew how to? Last week at our M.A.D session, we taught our makeup lovers how to achieve an effortless smokey eye in just 1 minute! If you’re bumped about missing the class and wished you’d knew how to do it too, here’s your chance as we walk you through 6 easy steps to achieve your natural smokey eye makeup.

1. Prime

Eye primer

Before applying any makeup to your eyes, always remember to prime first. This ensures the makeup will stay on your lid all night long, and won’t be falling off your face. An especially important step for those with oily eyelids!

2. Liner


Using a gel liner, line your upper lash line with a thick coating of eyeliner. Don’t be too paranoid about the shape, thickness or precision, you’ll be blending it out anyway!

3. Blend


Using your finger or a dome-shaped eye shadow brush, begin to blend the eyeliner upwards and outwards. Add more liner and repeat steps 2 and 3 until satisfied with the blended eye makeup look.

4. Eye-shadow

closeup eye of woman applying makeup

Using an eye-shadow applicator or eye-shadow brush, add a lighter neutral brown shade all over the lid and blend with the eyeliner. Add a lighter highlighter shade into the inner corners of the eye to make your eye look bigger, and you more awake.

5. Waterline


To further define and intensify the look, line your waterline with the same gel liner you previously blended out. This will balance out the heavy eye makeup on the top of the eyelid and make the eye look bigger and of course, sexier.

6. Mascara 


To finish off this entire smokey eye look, coat your lashes with 2-3 generous coats of mascara. Remember to curl them before applying your eye-shadow, to prevent transfer of the shadow from your eyelids to the curler.

That’s it! A smokey eye makeup that looks like you took hours to perfect, but in fact only took a few minutes. This look is perfect for when you’re late for a date night, or even for a girls’ night out where you want to do something fancier, but not too time-consuming as well.

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M.A.D team

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