All about that base

Always wanted a great skin regime but never knew where to start? At Makeup and design club this week, our lovely students managed to learn how to prime and prep their faces to achieve a flawless, radiant look.

Step 1: Cleanse (Makeup Remover & Facial cleanser)


The most important step in any skin regime, is to first cleanse and start with a clean canvas to work on. Use a cotton pad or tissue and remove all the impurities using a cleansing balm to ensure your face is free of all impurities.

Step 2: Sunblock


With Singapore’s blazing sun, your skin is in a lot of danger. Never leave your house without a good slab of sunblock, to block out all those UV rays.

Step 3: Primer


Find a primer for your skin type and use it religiously in your makeup routine. It ensures your makeup lasts on your face all day long, without turning cake-y or melting off in the heat.

Step 4: Foundation


If you have flawless, or close to flawless skin, then skip this step and go straight to concealer. You don’t need any extra product on your face to block your pores. But for those who need a little extra coverage, use a foundation for your skin type. Powder, cream or liquid, whichever suits you best and doesn’t break you out will be perfect for you. Remember makeup is all about trial and error and finding which suits you best!

Step 5: Concealer


Any girl’s best friend and constant in their makeup pouch, is concealer. Pick your right shade and place some under your eyes and over any blemishes. Remember to blend well! Don’t forget to use a higher coverage concealer for any big spots that refuse to disappear (we’ve all been there, not to worry).

Step 6: Powder



The final step to a flawless finish, is powder to set everything in place. Use either a translucent powder or a powder in your shade and dust it all over the parts of your face that gets the most oily (e.g T-zone). Remember not to spam too much!

There you have it, the perfect base in 6 simple steps. Everyone and anyone can nail these steps. Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think!


M.A.D team



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